Lois Lowry

The Giver – Newbery Acceptance Speech

The_Giver_CoverI will be watching The Giver movie this August. You can count on it. Like many of us, I was assigned The Giver in middle school. At that time, I hated reading. I was assigned the book for Language Arts class in fifth grade, and I remember that The Giver was the only book that I finished reading. I wasn’t motivated enough to finish the other books we were assigned.

Today, I am almost a college graduate. I have read many classical works both in French and English. I write analytic papers in a language that none of my friends or family members can read (at times, this can be quite disheartening ).  But, I have never forgotten the experience of reading The Giver. I remember this work for its unconventional story line and its unique imagery. Until eighth grade, I hadn’t been much exposed to literature with such rich imagery.

I will be rereading and reviewing The Giver before the film comes out. Now that a decade has passed since I last read this book, I wonder what I will take away from it this time.

To learn more about Lois Lowry’s inspirations for The Giver, read her 1994 Newbery acceptance speech. In that speech, she also reveals her inspiration for the character of The Giver.

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