End of Bout of Books 10

Bout of BooksThis was my first time participating in the Bout of Books Read-A-Thon. I planned to complete three books: A Tale of Two Cities, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and The War of the Worlds. However, I only managed to finish the first two. I read a lot during this past week, but I sorely underestimated the length and density of Dickens’ work. This was my second reading of A Tale of Two Cities. The first time was in eighth grade (I was that kid), but I missed so much the first time I read it. A review is forthcoming, but I will say here that I really enjoyed the book. I would like to thank Laura @Reading in Bed for hosting the read-a-long of A Tale of Two Cities and Amanda @ On a Book Bender for hosting  Bout of Books 10.

1 thought on “End of Bout of Books 10”

  1. Looking forward to your review! I struggled wth this one. I kind of wish I had read it young, because I think it would be a great reread… I was confused for a lot of the first half, and I went back and reread just the first three chapters and was like, WOW now I get it!

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