Top Ten Tuesday

Summer Wrap-Up and Fall Plans

Summer Wrap-Up

I dedicated this summer to reading stories in which characters go on adventures, and oh did I go on adventures!

Here’s a list of the most memorable books:

Moby-Dick by Herman Melville

The Hobbit  by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (Not as great as the others but I would be remiss to leave out Treasure Island in a list of adventure books)

The first four books on the list are currently on my list of the Top Ten Favorite Books of 2014. Moby-Dick was phenomenal and is currently at #1!


Fall Plans

So, what are my plans for the autumn and winter seasons (basically until Jan. 1)?

1. saint-exupery-website

I hope to get through all the works of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry by the end of the year. I have nearly finished Courrier Sud (Southern Mail) and will probably have a review posted by early next week.


I will be reading this one for the Newbery Medal Challenge. It won the award in 1923.


It won the Newbery Medal in 1930.


Some stories by Washington Irving. I’ve never read anything by Irving, so I will probably start with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle.


This is a classic of the historical fiction genre. Once I finish the book, I would like to watch the television series that was made in the 70s. Time Magazine included this series in its list of the 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME.


Yay for a modern book! Wolf Hall is the first book in Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell trilogy. The last book isn’t out yet. I’ve been told that Mantel offers a fresh perspective on the lives of Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More. I read A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt last month and really enjoyed it, so I look forward to learning more about the Tudors.


I don’t care much for Halloween, but I do love the poems of Edgar Allan Poe. In October, I hope to read more of his poems and short stories.


I don’t know anything about this book except that it is a mystery. There is a severe lack of female characters in my reading repertoire, but I don’t know if that is something I should be bothered by. Anyway, I look forward to reading Rebecca.


I’ve heard that the eponymous archbishop is portrayed sympathetically. Now, that’s refreshing!


This is my favorite book of all time, and I will be hosting a read-along of it in December so stay tuned…


9 thoughts on “Summer Wrap-Up and Fall Plans”

  1. I really enjoyed Death Comes For The Archbishop. He is portrayed not only sympathetically but with insight and with love. It truly is a lovely story. I could not stand Rebecca, so now you have two completely opposing views. 🙂 I’ll be interested to see what you think of it though. I definitely have I Claudius on my TBR list but I foresee that I won’t get to it for some time.

    Happy reading, Fariba!

  2. If you are interested in Saint-Exupéry’s life, you should read Lettres du dimanche by his wife Consuelo de Saint-Exupéry. A collection of letters to her husband while he fought in war. This book gives you a unique insight in his life.

    1. Will definitely check them out. Thank you for the recommendation! I am certainly interested in learning more about Saint-Exupery’s life. His works are so touching and beautiful.

  3. I’ve often stumbled upon I,Claudius.
    I don’t know what to think of it.I’ll wait for your review. 🙂

    And Wolf Hall from Mantel seems daunting.Everybody says it is an absolute tour-de-force from Mantel,like nobody has ever seen such a book before.However a friend of mine struggled with it despite being used to reading many many books.Maybe one day I’ll try to read the trilogy. (Well,I definitely will as I wish to read all the Booker Winners in the future.)

    Hmm,and Rebecca.Haha,I was very close to buy it in Folio edition before I saw Cleo’s review.
    I think I will buy it in paperback first.

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