What Have I Been Doing?

I haven’t posted in weeks and I feel like this warrants an explanation. Have I stopped reading? No. In fact, I am reading as much as I have ever read, but the classics that I am currently reading are not ones I necessarily want to review on this blog. Some years ago, I had a blog dedicated to Christian theological works, but for more reasons than one I abandoned it. I have strongly considered starting a new blog next year that is solely dedicated to fiction and non-fiction works revolving around Christology, Ecclesiology, and Ecumenism. I would still have this blog which would (mostly) deal with other kinds of classics. I started re-reading Practice in Christianity by Søren Kierkegaard a few weeks ago and that led me down a different reading path that I expected to be on this month. For those of you who are interested, below is a list of books I am currently reading:

Practice in Christianity by Anti-Climacus (a pseudonym of Søren Kierkegaard)
I Believe in the Holy Spirit, Vol II by Yves Congar (a book by a great Catholic ecumenist of the 20th century)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography by Eberhard Bethge (I will review this one because I think that due to the scope of this book it probably will appeal to non-Christians as well)
Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (which I finished last week and loved)

And for this blog, I started re-reading Hard Times by Charles Dickens which I look forward to reviewing. I think it was his best work.

I have many many interests but I am not confused. I “officially” study insects but clearly that’s not all I do. I never want blogging to restrict what I read, but I also want my posts to reflect the type of blog I’m running.

Anyway, I hope to post a review sometime next week for Hard Times by Charles Dickens.

8 thoughts on “What Have I Been Doing?”

  1. I too am not posting regularly these days!
    I really hope you will still have this blog!! I mean,seriously,don’t even consider abandoning this one!

    1. Don’t worry. I won’t. I actually feel quite satisfied with this project and I love interacting with other bloggers, being introduced to new books, etc. 😀

  2. I have indeed wondered, why you’ve been so quiet. I look forward to your review. Dickens is one of my favorite authors, but Hard Times is one I have not read. Your spiritual diet is impressive.

    1. It seems like a lot of bloggers have missed me which makes me feel really appreciated 🙂 Hard Times is short and in my opinion strikes the right balance of gravitas and humor. The characters (even the female characters, which is rare for Dickens) are less caricatures than usual. And there is a plot. But I will post a review of Hard Times by Thursday at the latest.

  3. Whew! I was starting to miss your posts. I don’t know if this is a book you want to feature on this blog, but I’d love to hear about Life Together.

    1. I hopefully will have a review of Hard Times up by Thursday at the latest. As for Life Together, below is the review I posted on Goodreads:

      [It is written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Need I say more? Everything he writes makes you get out of your comfort zone and act on your faith. This is a fantastic book on community and prayer. Bonhoeffer wrote Life Together for the students of an underground seminary he founded at Finkenwalde. But the book also includes chapters on family and individual prayer and worship. No Christian community is perfect. It is made up of sinners. The reader is taught to acknowledge this.

      “Even when sin and misunderstanding burden the communal life, is not the sinning brother still a brother, with whom I, too, stand under the Word of Christ? Will not his sin be a constant occasion for me to give thanks that both of us may live in the forgiving love of God in Jesus Christ? Thus the very hour of disillusionment with my brother becomes incomparably salutary, because it so thoroughly teaches me that neither of us can ever live by our own words and deeds, but only by that one Word and Deed which really binds us together – the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ. When the morning mists of dreams vanish, then dawns the bright day of Christian fellowship.”

      Short, challenging, and beautiful. One of the best devotionals/Christian works I’ve ever read.]

  4. I eagerly await for your post on Hard Times b/c a good friend of mine told me not to read it, though I didn’t ask why. But knowing me, she probably thought I wouldn’t like it. So I wonder.

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