Bookish Pet Peeves Tag

Tags seem perfect for the start of a new year. A book I recently finished prompted me to do the Bookish Pet Peeves Tag. I don’t like tagging people because I don’t want to annoy anyone. If you want to do the tag, feel free to do it and put the link to your response in the comments. I think this tag was created by The Broke and the Bookish for Top Ten Tuesday. Without further ado, here are my 5 bookish pet peeves:

1) Books with deckled edge paper

I utterly loathe deckled edges!! My copy of Don Quixote had deckled edge paper. Because the pages stuck together, I couldn’t flip through the book to find my favorite passages. It is useless to underline and write in the margins of books with deckled edge paper.

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2) Dust jackets

I mostly buy paperback books not only because they are less expensive and lighter than hardcover books but also because they don’t come with dust jackets. Dust jackets easily slip off.

3) Obnoxious highlighting in used books  

I generally don’t care about the condition of my books. I will buy used copies with highlighting, marginal notes, or broken spines. I underline and write in the margins of nearly every books I read. I believe in reading with a pencil. However, I don’t want the whole book highlighted. Obnoxious highlighting not only makes the book look ugly, it is a counterproductive practice. Highlighting alone doesn’t help you study. You must take notes if you want to remember anything you’ve read. Highlighting is only appropriate for marking favorite passages. But what is the purpose of highlighting the whole book?

4) Introductions with spoilers

Many of the works I read come with very informative introductions. I know now to read them after I finish the classic, but I wish editor’s essays came at the end of the book rather than at the beginning. They almost always give away the whole plot. Maybe the editor could include a spoiler warning in appropriate sections of the essay. I understand that a note about historical context might be appropriate in the introduction to a classic, but I don’t want to know the whole story before I read it. I do appreciate, however, the work editors and translators do to make a particular classic accessible to a modern English-speaking audience.

5)Now a major motion picture” on non-movie covers

I am not opposed to movie covers. If I like the film adaptation, I sometimes buy the book with the movie cover. But, if the book does not have a movie cover, I don’t want the cover to remind me that the book is now a major motion picture. If I didn’t buy a copy with a movie cover, I may not have liked the film adaptation. For example, I bought a Lord of the Rings box set without the movie covers because I don’t like the films. However, the cover of The Hobbit has a note saying that it is now a major motion picture. I don’t want to be reminded of the movies when I pick up The Hobbit. The box set is beautiful except for this irritating note. I have even considered replacing my copy of The Hobbit.

What are your bookish pet peeves? I didn’t discuss writing style or plot. That’s for another post.

8 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves Tag”

  1. Highlighting is a source of irritation for me too! I don’t even like the odd faded pencil line! Worst book I ever saw (and I PAID for this book) had biro lines and notes all over, most pages were about 50% underlined, but some pages EVERY SENTENCE was underlined. Did not see the point!

    As for dust jackets – I actually like them. On the rare time I buy a hardback the material of the cover without the jacket, that kind of canvas? I don’t know why but I can’t tolerate touching it. Even thinking about touching it is making my skin crawl! So I love a dust jacket, it saves me from that 🙂

    1. Library jackets are fine when they are taped onto the book 🙂 Library hardcovers are fine. I actually don’t like the feel of clothbound books. I’ve also heard that the material falls apart easily

  2. Yes…I hate those deckled edges (didn’t know there was a word for it though.) And intros with spoilers Grrrrr!!!!! Wonderful post Fariba.

  3. Yes. Deckled edge paper is horrid. I have to laugh at myself as I remember the first time noticing as a teen, and I thought that there was a defect during the binding process, so I asked for a discount, which I received, because apparently the store clerk that it was just as horrid and didn’t know that such a thing would be done to a book intentionally.
    I have just recently started throwing away the dust jackets. I find that most cover art is over done and the colorful plain covers look lovelier on my book case.
    I agree with the ugly, often gold, obnoxious announcement on covers. Whether it be telling us about the book being a movie, or that Oprah is keen on it, or even if it won an award, really. I don’t care to have it on the book. Worse yet when it is not embossed, but rather a sticker adhered. I hate that.

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