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I started my blog 4 years ago. At the time, I almost exclusively read Victorian literature. Exploring Classics was an appropriate name for my blog because I hardly ever tried a modern book. A lot has changed since 2013. I’m no longer a teenager. My blog name, url, and design need to reflect my current reading tastes. Because I read more modern fiction than I did when I started blogging, I have chosen a new name for my blog. Of course, I will continue to review mostly English and French classics (it is my comfort zone after all), but I will also review other great works. My old Modern Corner section was growing at an exponential rate. Exploring Literature is a more appropriate name for my blog. The new url is https://litexplore.wordpress.com/. If you are already following my blog, you don’t need to do anything. You should continue to receive new posts.

Finally, I am on YouTube as well. I post different content on my booktube channel (The Medieval Reader) than I do on this blog. There are things I can talk about more easily on YouTube than on WordPress, and vice versa. I’ve discovered in recent weeks that I enjoy writing discussion and reflection posts. So in addition to reviewing fiction, I will continue to make these more personal posts. Surprisingly, being on YouTube has encouraged me to make more (not less) blog posts. I appreciate the blogosphere even more than ever. You are some of the most thoughtful people on the web. I enjoy the conversations we have here. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who follows and comments!

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