The Trial Read-Along


Silvia Cachia is hosting a read-along of The Trial by Franz Kafka this month (the schedule is linked). I’ve only read some flash fiction by Kafka, so I look forward to reading something more substantial by him. Although I’ve never been a horror person, for some reason I want to read tons of unsettling things this month. I even plan to read a Steven King novel. I don’t know what this shift in reading tastes says about me. Maybe it’s the world climate…

Anyway, I look forward to reading The Trial with Silvia. The first post is next Monday, so I better get reading 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Trial Read-Along”

  1. Sometimes one craves different things, maybe it’s the weather, as you say.

    I am excited about The Trial. I am half way through, I may end up with two, instead of three, posts on it.

    I am listening to The Prisoner of Zenda for November book club. It’s a change in my usual book choices, but a welcome one. A short adventures story.

    It’s been ages since I read Stephen King, I used to love his books, but I am scared to read them now. (I’m interested in listening to your opinion if you end up reading any of his titles. )

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