About Modern Corner

Welcome to Modern Corner, where I review a work that has not yet survived or may never survive the test of time. In other words, I am trying to read some books that have been published in the last twenty years. I have a tendency to read nothing but classics, so picking up a non-classical work is a personal challenge that I would like to overcome. If I choose to read a book because of a review that I read on another blog, I will link to that blog in my review of that work.

4 thoughts on “About Modern Corner”

  1. This sounds great! About a year ago was when I started shifting into more contemporary literature, and only recently have I had the courage to actually pick random books up at the library! I didn’t before, because I was nervous I’d waste my time on a bad book – which is why I read so many classics. The guarantee of good writing is almost always there. 🙂

    Have fun exploring, and I’m looking forward to your reviews!

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