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Sometimes The Best Way To A Woman’s Heart Is Through Her Tortoise | Esio Trot by Roald Dahl

ImageI am not ashamed to say that Roald Dahl is my all-time favorite author. He is certainly one of the greatest children’s authors of the 20th century. In the next few posts, I will review some of Dahl’s lesser known books for children.

Mr. Hoppy, a gardening fanatic, is madly in love with Mrs. Silver who lives on the apartment floor below him. But Mrs. Silver seems to be oblivious to Mr. Hoppy’s love for her. When she is not working her 9-5 job at a newspaper store, she is doting on her pet tortoise. Mr. Hoppy is too shy to tell Mrs. Silver that he loves her, so he comes up with a plan to win over her heart.

Esio Trot is a tale about the unconventional wooing of an elderly woman. Without a doubt, Quentin Blake’s delightful illustrations contribute much to this story. The outrageous plot and eccentric characters will not fail to capture the attention of a young boy or girl. As for the moral – well, I guess you will have to overlook the moral in EsioTrot, and virtually every other story Dahl ever wrote 😀

You can learn more about Roald Dahl’s writing by going to the official Roald Dahl website. Under the link “The Man”, you can listen to him answer a series of interview questions about his writing schedule and inspirations.