Literary Miscellanea

Literary Miscellanea: The Pleasure of Writing by A.A. Milne

For this Saturday’s Literary Flashback, I would like to share with you an essay A.A. Milne wrote in 1920 concerning the writing process. In it, he discussed what inspired him to write. What I have gleaned from this essay is that while there are many individuals who were involved in the writing profession and who helped publish Milne’s works, the pleasure Milne got from writing did not have much to do with what others thought of his writing. A brand new nib was all he needed to write. In short, it was the process he enjoyed.

“For it was enough for me this morning just to write; with spring coming in through the open windows and my good Canadian quill in my hand, I could have copied out a directory. That is the real pleasure of writing.”

Here is the essay.