Children's/Coming-of-Age, Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Grahame, Kenneth

Adventure Beckons in The Wind in the Willows


Adventure is always calling in The Wind in the Willows. Mr. Toad dreams of speeding along paved roads in a motorcar, Mole longs to row a boat on the River Thames, and Ratty is enchanted by the Sea Rat’s travels.

Animals that are the most suited for one kind of environment do not belong in another. Yet, Kenneth Grahame’s animals in The Wind in the Willows are quite anthropomorphic. At times, characters like Mr. Toad can even pass themselves off as human. Late December and early January – when one year comes to a close and a potentially more exciting new year begins – are indeed the best times to read this novel. Stuck between the memory of the past and the expectations of the future, the reader will feel the most in company with the animals of the Thames Valley.